Choosing the right place to jog

It is very easy to make excuses with oneself. I have seen people so dedicated at even if they get to bed at 2AM, they make a point to be up at 6AM and go for a jog. Jogging is the most basic of exercises and one of the easiest Cardio. So, excuses like lack of time, lack of place, lack of an alarm clock, or ache in the fingers or bones, should be thrown out of the window. It is time to be up in your feet and run to save your life from physical problems. Obesity is one of the chief problems in human life today. Even if you feel that you are not over-weight, does not mean that you should not exercise. For your internal process, proper heart functioning, breathing and low diabetes and cholesterol levels, there can be no better exercise than jogging.

Treadmill or the jogger’s path

I was very particular about jogging outdoors in a green and airy place, till I got busy with work and commitments. But, I did not give up on my fitness regime, and instead got hold of a treadmill at home. Outdoor jogging is considered better, as one receives fresh oxygen which cleans the entire system. But, with too many people and traffic outside; a lot of people keep indoors today. Also, pollution and lack of greenery, are of the reasons by treadmill has become a convenient option.

Stretching is essential

It is better to know a few rules before jogging away. Stretching your arms and limbs, is very important. Make sure to stretch the important muscles like hamstrings, caves, arms, glutes and squads. Stretching makes you ready to jog around and shake off all the lethargy from last night’s sleep. Try to be dedicated and do not give up half way.

Important things to remember before jogging

There are certain things which are integral to jogging, but we do not pay much attention to them. I myself was not very particular about the different aspects associated with jogging. After a tryst with a physiotherapist I got to know about a few important things, which are integral to jogging. Here are a few things, which should be noted before you start wrongly.

Sufficient supply of fluids

Before losing weight, you should be prepared for it. Before going for jogging, do not eat anything. If you have a bad habit of popping anything in your mouth, after you wake up, then give up the habit. Try to drink enough water, before you start jogging. It is very wrong to have water during the process. Try to drink lots of water, so that you may remain hydrated, and keep the energy going. If you don’t drink water, then all the sweating will make you dizzy and dehydrated. You will get tired easily.

A proper warming up session

A lot of people do not give importance to it, but warming up before jogging, is very essential. Some light stretching, jumping, skipping can do for the warming up session. It is essential to get your body charged up so that your muscles and bones become ready to take the stress of continuous running. Do not over-do and keep the warming to a maximum of 5-6 minutes.

Cooling down

If you do not cool down your muscles, then there is a chance of lactic acid build-up, which causes muscle pain. So, do the same exercises you do while warming up and they will cool the muscles. You will also not feel pain or fatigue, after returning home. These essentials may seem insignificant, but they play major roles in helping you to be stress-free while jogging.

Motive yourself to jog

It is important to be dedicated in whatever we do. Be it work or be it losing calories from the body. If you are not a person who likes to hit the gym or go on a diet, yet wishes to shed off the extra pounds, then jogging would be the ideal thing for you. It does not take away much time as you can do less or more according to your convenience. A 15 minutes jogging can also be beneficial, provided you are doing it every day.

Having an accomplice

A friend of mine used to find it really difficult to jog for more than 10 minutes. She would say that she would get bored, as there is no excitement. It is a common problem with everybody and one of the prime reasons why some people do not continue on it. From the next day onwards, I would accompany her as her competitor at the jogger’s park. Those who find no motivation in jogging alone should get hold of a friend of sibling who is fit and is willing to run with them. It will help them to run more, as running and chatting can be fun. The more fun you are able to make your workout regime, the more will you enjoy it.

Checking your weight

Some people are so freaked out about losing weight that they keep checking their weight everyday in order to ensure that they have lost some. It is a good practice, though. If you have convinced yourself to stay fit and toned, then check your weight after a week of jogging. Try to control on the diet too. Try harder to run on ground and check your weight once a week to find out its impacts. This will make you more particular about fitness.

How helpful is jogging?

Jogging is the no-holds-barred exercise routine, which everyone from children to adults to senior citizens can try their legs at. This something we all enjoy irrespective of the fact whether we are fitness freaks or not. It is as easy as putting your favorite music on the iPod and taking a round in the park and enjoying the beauty of Nature. The fact that it does great good to your body makes it even more viable.

Health goodness of jogging

The more you job, the more will you be able to lose extra kilos. You will be burning calories and ensuring blood circulation. The more you perspire, the more you will be letting out toxins from your body. The oxygen intake increases and all the body process with take place perfectly. Since, it is a low impact exercise everyone can try it. To motive beginners, let’s just say that it reduces stress levels, lowers anxiety, decreases cholesterol levels and burns up to 400 calories if it is done for one hour. This is exactly what I do to get rid of all stress and tension, when I had a big day ahead. If you make it into a routine, you will be able to lead a healthy live, free of all physical problems.

Jogging for starters

It is time to stop being lazy and get into your running shoes. Try to go to bed early, so that you can wake up when the early alarm goes. The roads are empty and the weather breezy. Get into your track pants and a comfortable tee, switch on your iPod and run as much as you can. It simply needs some determination and care for your future, to get up and get going. Do light jogging and rest for a while. Make the most of the time you are devoting to it.

Quick tips for the jogger who is yet to begin

Are you still contemplating on jogging? Have you quite a lot of weight to lose and still haven’t done anything about it? Then I am here to help you get into the mould of a jogger, so that you can earn your previous body back. All of us do not have the time for gym classes. But, that doesn’t mean that you have no means to get fit and toned up? Jogging is the 1st level of getting yourself moving and claiming the energetic life that fit people possess.

Steps to go right with your jogging

Obviously there is nothing to learn about jogging and it is simply running at a low speed. But, you must be completely ready in order to be comfortable while you jog. Getting mentally and physically ready is the first thing you need to think of. First of all, it is important to get the right pair of shoes. I did not give much concentration towards purchasing the ideal pair, and ended by getting tired and hurting my foot while jogging. Try different running shoes and find the pair which is neither too tight, nor too loose. Your feet should be able to feel comfortable within them.

Setting realistic goals

You cannot think about reducing from 80 Kgs to 60 Kgs in a day. If you try too hard, you will be too fatigued to run the following day. Set a goal for, say an hour. Get up every day at the right time and go for an hour of jogging. Take rests in between, because you will feel tired in the first few attempts. Try to go as slow as possible. Once you become comfortable with it, try increasing your pace and decreasing the resting time. Ultimately, your dedication will pay-off if you are consistent with your routine.